random buffer overflows

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random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:22 pm

been using liveprofessor every single day since i got it..
virtual audio cable is showing buffer overflows that don't relate to any action on my computer.
started to realize it would happen on words in music or go with the clock.
it's like somebody is watching my screen & able to trigger the overflow whenever they want.

i can go days without it, doing exactly the same thing.
i told my local police about it considering there might be a hacker flourishing on the thought of making my life miserable.

figured i'd give you one more chance to help.

i tested the vst plugin in vsthost .. had it on mme for virtual audio cable then selected asio4all as the output.
buffer inside vsthost is 2048 samples .. both buffer lengths in asio4all was 64 samples.
didn't run into a problem with it.. though i could of used it longer to be more helpful.
i wanna help you sell this program, but i can't have people calling me back complaining.

consider the number of posts on the forum.. the software is pretty good, not a lot of topics with a problem.

was this written in c++ ?
is c++ known for being hackable?

it almost sounds like somebody is sniffing for something, then once they find it they try to run something that would send the audio to them - but their signal to noise ratio doesn't go low enough for starters.. plus there is some missing slew.
** i say this because the buffer distortion goes from a high pitch down to a low one **

i heard a difference between vsthost & liveprofessor using the same plugin.
sounds cleaner in liveprofessor .. could this have something to do with it?
if yes, might as well get to suing who we need to for some order.
what you provided is functional & pleasurable .. it would be disorderly conduct on their behalf for not remedying a situation someone like me finds necessary.

i've done all i could with virtual audio cable..
changed the stream buffer.. used watermark from as tight as it will go to loose enough that the system was slow and choppy (i'm thinking because the buffer chunks were spaces too far apart).
(also changed the number of threads & priority)

thinking & hoping this problem doesn't occur during a live gig because maybe the distortion ruins a speaker or amp or somebody's ears.
i'm thinking it's because of somebody on the internet.
did virus scans as well as malware|spyware scans.

something is coming in from somewhere and i'm ready to get somebody hypnotized to forget their programming ability.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:40 am

you off the hook?
ran into the same problem using vsthost.

i'm down to mathaudio's plugin or asio4all

a little disapointed though, kinda wished you would be more insightful & helpful .. but i digress, maybe you did exactly what you should of given the situation.
i think you represented your software by telling me something was impossible, yet - i feel like that list could of been longer.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby nikolai » Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:11 am

I don't have any indication that liveprofessor has been hacked.
First, for anyone to do such a thing they would need to alter the code. And in that case you would have a patch/ crack or similar.
Second, the pro version is encrypted making such modifications very difficult.
Third, why don't you just disable the internet connection to see if the problem persists?
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:28 pm

damn nikolai you are genius (seriously)
i haven't broken down that far to turn the internet off & see if it continues to happen.
most likely the reason why i haven't done such a thing is because i really wouldn't have anything to do offline.

anyways.. i'm adding to this since you are in this field & might ever come across something like this again.

the problem grew worse after posting the most recent post and sending emails.
i was getting dropouts that even a driver reset wouldn't fix.

i was able to open up the playback devices and then open up the properties for the soundcard i am using (virtual audio cable) ..it seems like simply opening up that page eradicated the problem (for now anyways)
i'm not sure if microsoft developed the system to fail-safe that way or what.. but if they did, i don't see why they chose that layer of defense rather than right on the mark where it obviously is necessary.

i kinda feel sorrow because what if asio4all didn't get enough praise from microsoft?
for example.. what if they allowed it to be programmed, but didn't support it any by giving something special for it?
in my field, asio4all is a necessity.
i don't know if it is some other scheme of audio layer simply with a header or extension to spoof compatibility with programs like yours.
i am concerned about the security of asio4all , in all honesty - not because of what music is being played .. but the inherent troubles that i've experienced.

i sorta feel like i've gotten the go from you to support your program 100% .. because what are the odds of this happening again to someone else, and since your software is working fine for everybody else .. my pro's & con's list is leaning towards pro.

fantastic that you've been kind of enough to clear up question .. makes me want to support you as a person.

i'd reinstall the operating system, but i know the problem existed before as well as after i reinstalled before.
makes me think maybe there is a virus on the usb hard drive that they keep resorting to.
i unplugged it and restarted (hoping to clear whatever it was from cache and keep them away from it)
but this didn't work as i restarted and was getting dropouts even though the usb drive wasn't plugged in.

all fair in love and war.. i'm tempted to blame flash too - considering the new microsoft browser doesn't allow any plugins.. does kinda make me wonder the viability of their work as to why it isn't allowed anymore.

man, what if you programmed the software well enough that you'd be utterly bored without me? lol
please, don't take that as key indication that i'm telling stories .. you could call (or email?) and ask my local police department if i've contacted them about the problem to verify truth.

sickening is thinking ugly is allowable and it is difficult to avoid or get rid of a problem that should of been impossible from the start.

i realize people get sued and a method of prosecution would be to slow down the functionality of their operating system .. but to that i say, perhaps more agents working in public would provide .. or a different angle of approach would be more rational - such as lowering a color pallete on a television or reducing the quality of audio or worsening a vehicles miles per gallon.

on top of this, the transmission went out in my mother's vehicle.. dunno if it is a solenoid or if the metal is super-charged.
i was driving and the rpms shot up like the transmision suddenly gave out .. i'm like okay what kind of metal doesn't slowly smoothly grind down where i'd notice my rpm's are higher for the same rate of speed?
well i also consider the fact that each gear should have a band (maybe i'm sick from a design i've seen and not all of 'em are like that)
you'd think reverse would have it's own band .. well it wasn't going into reverse, causing me to think there is maybe a solenoid that went out.

okay.. say there is only one set of bands for all gears.. what kind of metal would slip, then catch like normal - only to slip again ?!!

i think it is super-charged metal because one time i tested the e-brake to see what it does and as i came around the corner the transmission disengaged then reengaged after coming out of the turn.
the transmission has also disengaged while making a turn with body roll.
i'm thinking that is how the band came off (kinda dumb maybe to think turning could cause a band to come up off the transmission but not impossible)
well if it came off that could of set a specific ohm, causing the magnet to wake up.. then the slipping as it was applying itself again could charge the metal with enough static to cause the band to literally seperate away from the transmission to where it wont drive anymore.

thinking i've gotta check some solenoids as well as find somebody with some radar plates to zap the thing and see if it comes back to life.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:44 am

i haven't opened my cam in the website for a few days ... haven't had any audio problems in a few days.
it was bad like my mother told me even my magicjack was breaking up when i would talk to her.
she said it isn't breaking up anymore either.

now i need to determine if it was because i was using manycam or if it will happen selecting my webcam directly.

i hate when things like this happen because a number of suspects come up and they need to be ruled out one by one.. people get embarassed or upset when it is time to question.. other people lose hope because they can't help.

makes me wonder why flash allows any injection of code.. i always thought flash was made by a small group of people to keep it safe, and then any programming done for flash was done with presets to prevent manual injections.

more time consuming is..
i was at my aunts house and she has windows 10.. they say the new internet browser doesn't use plugins.. yet i was able to go to the website and chat and see video as if it did use plugins.
wondering if the site seen there was no flash installed and automatically switched to a different protocol to make it work.. and if that indeed happened, i wonder if i could get the internet browser on my computer to avoid flash and use the other protocol to see if the problem remains gone.

still a debate that i can't really go any further on.. is it a fault of flash or a fault of webcam drivers?
i'm using a logitech quickcam pro 9000.
(maybe you or someother programmer comes along and decides to give a look)

i know sometimes i'll use the webcam and there's supposed to be a webcam controller app that pops up to let me adjust focus or zoom or color n such.. but sometimes it doesn't pop up and when i manually go into the software to pull it up.. i click on the thing to bring it up and from out of nowhere a generic version of the controller suddenly comes up as if it was there all along just not visible.. then it goes to the standard app, but sometimes the zoom slider is stuck on halfway even though the actual zoom is all the way out.

not really a sight for sore eyes.. perhaps a sight for bored eyes.

i think i can simply open the cam and try it.. then if anything happens.. just restart the operating system and avoid opening it again to steer clear from the audio problems.

i guess it doesn't really hurt to know about this, because i could tell other people about it and also tell them how to avoid it.. that way when it comes time for function and relaxation, it can happen without interruption.

feeling like i'm getting closer to finalized :oops:
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:17 pm

the buffer overflows have all but gone away, they've happened a few times but i go days/weeks without one.

though i'm being victimized some more.
for example, i did a measurement with mathaudio's room eq plugin - both speakers were equal distance from the listening position, yet the left speaker measures 7.5dB louder than the right speaker.
after the calibration, the soundstage is centered.
but if i bypass the room eq plugin, the audio shifts to the left.
i went into windows mixer to adjust the balance, i had to reduce the left channel 50% to make the soundstage appear balanced again.

not only that, but the graph window of the room eq plugin allows you to click on the target line and adjust the frequency amplitude - though i can click on the target line and make adjustments and the sound doesn't change.
i can boost 20hz - 100hz 10 or 15 dB and there is no change in the sound.
if i move the target line up higher, i can adjust 100hz down to about 23hz with no change - but the moment i bring up the last 20hz, the whole entire frequency response is attenuated.

another thing that doesn't work, before when i first started using the plugin, the slider on the right moves the entire target line up or down - it used to raise or lower the volume, but it doesn't do that anymore unless the target line touches the measured line.

and as i finalized this forum post, i hear somebody outside my apartment in the hallway walking past shaking their keys.

feeling victimized as well as tortured.
maybe if you sue me for my posts making your software look bad i could get some help or someone to look into the issue.

all the chat rooms i've visited in the last few years, they don't talk with a subject & predicate.
their sentences are uber small with a minute topic, there's no room to speak of anything.
thinking my right to be philosophical has been denied, to say the least.
i've sent facebook messages to my cousins, my aunt, my uncle - none of them said anything about receiving those messages.
sent a facebook message to a girl, asked her if she got my message and she said no.
i know social engineering would work this way, the more i talk about it the more they use me as an example.

i've sent an email to the police about a few different things, i got a message from them saying they would refer the information to some person & they would get in contact with me in the near future.
well it's been months and i haven't heard back from them.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:54 am

and of course i went to bed some time after posting that, woke up and seen the operating system crashed.
this computer very rarely crashes.
was wondering if that was you, and if you used standard sequence yet it still crashed.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
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Re: random buffer overflows

Postby anwaypasible » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:33 pm

getting dicked around with audio some more,
a vst plugin that used to cause a drastic change (6+dB) now no longer makes any difference regardless of whether the plugin is on or off.
doesn't matter if i remove the plugin either, the sound doesn't change.

makes me think whoever is doing it has low-level access that doesn't register with code or file hashtags.

coincidentally, my apartment has been filling up with the smell of crack - while the noises outside of my apartment have increased more than quadruple amounts.
i've told the building manager, as well as filed a complaint against one resident.
but of course after i did that the smell started to come from the sink drain.
yet, i can seal those drains with a screw type strainer.. goes a long way to show the accuracy, as well as the care, of the prosecution.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers

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