Feature request - reduce LP2 to just title bar?

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Feature request - reduce LP2 to just title bar?

Postby IanL » Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:29 pm

Steinberg's Wavelab has/had a great feature whereby on the title bar (this is Windows speak) rather than there being 3 buttons on the far right (minimise, maximise and close) there were 4. The fourth enabled you to reduce the app to just the title bar. I used to find this very useful. I'd also find it very useful if LP had this feature but only if any plugins' windows that are open remain so. In other words all that happens is that the LP GUI reduces to the title bar. The reason I'd like this is because once I've set things up in LP as I need them I generally no longer need its GUI visible but I do often want some of the plugins' GUIs to remain. Reducing LP to its title bar could greatly reduce screen clutter. Anyone else interested? Ian.

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