LiveProfessor Change log

Beta 1.1.3
Fix: Not loading snapshot list on some plugins
Fix: Unit to Unit patch messed up when edtiting ASIO4ALL

Beta 1.1.2
Fix: Error when loading bypass and gain cues
Fix: Go to last project directory on "Open" and "Save"
Fix: Removed error message (GUID error ASIO driver list line x)

Beta 1.1
New: Bypass effect when effect is off
New: Drag'n Drop VST plugin files to the plugin manager
New: Send MIDI controllers when recalling snapshots

Fix: MIDI Message window out of view in controller map window
Fix: Error when opening a project that contains a cue that recalls the patch of a chained effect

Fix: LP can't start if the plugin list should get corrupted
Fix: Crash when using "Load last project on start up"
Fix: Crash on plugin missing
Fix: Continue loading if plugin fails
Fix: Wrong hints on the cue tools
Fix: Full screen does not fill the whole screen if task bar is set to auto hide
Fix: Hope we got trapped all the "suddenly close program" issues.

Beta 1
Some of the changes since Alpha 4:
Improved documentation both PDF and online
MIDI Show Control
Cues have numbers
Possible to sort cue lists by name or cue number
MIDI devices for the controller map are loaded right.
Changes to the ASIO panel.
Possible to start the application with last project open
Menu with recent projects
Project files can be double clicked and opened.
Input and output gain
MIDI outputs on each plugin
MIDI channel filter in MIDI chain.
Bypass and on/off in cue
Lots of MIDI bugs fixes
Cue list panel, like the navigator but for cue lists
Rename actions not only a cue.
Lots and lots of fixed bugs, and probably added a few new.

Alpha 4
New: Cue lists. recall any number of snapshots at once + +
New: MIDI hardware control of all plugin parameters
New: Meters, on inputs and outputs of the plugins
New: Change ASIO sample rate
New: Possible to set default MIDI patch
New: Midi input on units now filtered by midi channel
New: Possible to ban a plugin from being scanned when looking for new vst-plugins
New: Now possible to copy one snapshot from one plugin to others

Improved: Colors and look of patch window, now more readable.
Improved: Plugin list

Fix: "Stream read error" when loading projects with some types of plugins.
Fix: to many to list all. a bunch of improvements, bug fixes.

Alpha 3
New: Custom workspaces. Save and recall window layouts.
New: Clone units. Automatically adds a new unit and loads the settings of the cloned unit
New: Load banks and programs from files ( .fxb, .fxp)
New: Chain midi from one unit to the other. Plugins that have midi out can now be routed to other plugin's input
New: Custom shortcuts. Add or change keyboard shortcuts.
New: Midi panic function (can be assigned a keyboard shortcut from the shortcut manager)
New: Right clicking on the navigator now brings up a menu to Add, remove or clone a unit.
New: Hold down ALT and scroll to Zoom out the window. This makes it easier to rearrange windows (This feature has actually been there all the time, but now you know)

Fix: Tuner plugins not showing right (Trouble with plugin time info)
Fix: Shared midi input dies on removing a unit
Fix: Bugs in routing window that made connections "stick"
+ a lot of smaller bug fixes

Alpha 2.2

FIX: Crash on startup after building plugin list containing some strange plugins.
FIX: Some windows are not fully displayed when their size changed (like Reaktor 5)
FIX: Plugin window could flicker when using navigator
FIX: Bug in the VST scanner routine
New: Collapse button on each unit
New: Window positions are saved on exit
New: Tempo. It is now possible to set a tempo for the project. (go to view - tempo panel)

Alpha 2:

New: Chain effects. Route one plugin in to another
New: Support for VST-shells (ex. waves)
New: Organize your plugins in categories
Fix: MIDI hang up
Fix: Snapshots in some plugins
Fix: No crash on plugins missing
Fix: Finds moved plugins
Fix: Improved file system
Fix: Lots of smaller bugs and improvements